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VideoClix offers multiple Licenses: Pilot, Producer and Professional. These can be licensed online. VideoClix also provides an Enterprise level solution for Tier 1 broadcast networks, brands, agencies, VARs and content production companies.

The Pilot license is a free license which includes interactive video production, one month free streaming and measurement of viewer behavior. This free license is only available to qualified clients (at VideoClix’s discretion). Users simply upload videos; the VideoClix Smartrack technology adds all relevant hotspots to the video. Once this is complete, users can input the interactive info (marketing copy, ads and links) over the web using the Interactive editor. Our production arm can assists all pilot licensees to complete this phase of content production. The key purpose of the Pilot license is to allow clients to evaluate the VideoClix monetization solutions on their site.

The Producer License offers fixed based pricing (flat fee per movie). The cost ranges from $495/video to $995/video depending on volume. It is suited for content production companies, brands, eStores, artists and companies new to clickable video.

The Professional License offers a performance based pricing (cost-per-click or engagement). The cost ranges from $0.004/click to $0.01/click depending on volume of clicks. It is suited for video portals, .tv sites, large scale publishers and aggregators.

The Enterprise License allows for either model to be used. Flat fee per video or performance based cost-per-click at higher discounts. The License is suited for companies that require 3rd party technology integration such as Player, CMS, Metrics integration, Mobile and social media player customization, and TV distribution.

Additionally, for all licenses, VideoClix provides auto object tracking services, a content management system, a web based interactive editor, Web HD player, syndication, a load balanced CDN, metrics and reporting, social media connectivity and an effective, non-intrusive video ad serving technology.


Tom Slowe, Mpeg4 Guru M.I.T.

VideoClix is an extremely impressive solution.

Arnie Keller, Prof. University Of Victoria

It’s a terrific product, and your company can be entirely proud

Shane Robinson Bare Feet Studios

Last time I was this impressed I saw FLASH for the first time.

Matt Gilman, Dir. Marketing

The campaign was a big success… we drove quite a number of views, clicks and excitement.

Colin Kimball, President Small Screen Network

VideoClix enables us to help our sponsors and advertisers engage with our audience. What more could you want?

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