VideoClix content is delivered in multiple formats from 3GPP to HD quality using industry standard codecs and protocols compatible with 98% of Internet-enabled computers and the latest generation of mobile devices.

The VideoClix web and mobile players ensure every viewer experiences high quality playback by optimizing each stream based on quality of service and bandwidth. The player determines the dynamic variable bit-rate from 100Kbps (EDGE) to 2Mbps (HD) and can be embedded in third-party web sites.

The VideoClix CDN (Content Delivery Network) automatically transfers your content to each Point of Presence around the globe, so your videos are served to viewers—wherever they may be—fast and reliably from local servers… or you can employ your own CDN and video streaming servers.

Select and control your syndication rules across the Internet, iPhone player, content partners and social media sites within the VideoClix iCMS.

VideoClix Global Points of Presence

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