The Videoclix iCMS provides a platform to manage, author, distribute and monetize all of your video content, seamlessly.

  • View and manage your account
  • Upload Videos and other rich media
  • Autonomously track, tag and categorize all objects
  • Set syndication and distribution rules
  • Generate custom embed tags
  • Access detailed metrics and analytics
  • View your earnings and account statement

The VideoClix Interactive Editor allows you to add interactivity and monetization solutions to each video.

  • Add and edit interactive display content
  • Add multiple layers of fun facts and trivia for each object
  • Add and edit chapters
  • Add tags and metadata to your videos
  • Link products to e-commerce back ends and merchants
  • Manage ad campaigns and fallback campaigns for each object
  • Restrict ad display by date, caps, region, demographic…
  • Ensure each video is ready to “Go Live” using the
    VideoClix Quality Assurance System
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