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Dissemination and Educational Video Distribution on the Web

It is obvious that the image is one of the elements that United has been to the world of marketing since its birth and that television has taken advantage in their favor to give added value to the message and make it more attractive and dynamic. However, this type of interactive video advertising has not always been within reach of everyone. It has been really with the emergence of the

What Works in Online Video Distribution Services?

Videoclix with Starcom MediaVest and its partners decline to name which video authoring software formats are still in the running. But it says the competing formats are being tested against one of the most common kinds of online video ad, the “pre-roll,” a 15- to 30-second ad viewers commonly sit through before watching a video.

The “pre-roll” is by far the most common format asked for by clients of Brightroll, …

Clickable Interactive Video Advertising Monetization – Interview with CEO of Videoclix

I recently interviewed Videoclix’s CEO and “creator,” Babak Maghfourian on the expo floor of adtech San Francisco, CA at the Moscone center, sharing with us about their video delivery platform for clickable revenue for both advertisers and online video distribution platform publishers – a video distribution platform based around clickable video monetization. Babak explains that clickable video works by integrating “hot spots” within a video environment. The hot spots …

Pop-up Interactive Video Advertising Video for the Digital Age

Revision3 partners with videoclix to enhance viewer engagement

San Francisco, CA (TK) — Revision3, the leader in exclusive online video distribution services, has partnered with Videoclix, a pioneer in clickable Interactive Video Advertising, to expand usability and interactivity for its viewers. The partnership will enable the Revision3 audience to click on different objects within a video-including show hosts and products-for more information and interesting facts. Web phenomenon …

Babak Maghfourian, CEO of Videoclix, Demo video

The play: applies the Interactive Video Advertising notion of “clicking on Jennifer Aniston’s sweater” to the Web. The Vancouver-based company makes online video distribution platform. Web users can click on an object in a video and be directed to fun facts, product info or a Web site. “We build in a third-party link to our site. That is our lead generation system,” Mr. Maghfourian said. “A sponsor of …


NFL Draft Marks the Introduction of Video Distribution Service in ESPNDB

Claim a no deposit casino bonus from and place sports wagers for free on games and races you are currently watching on ESPN. Clix tv talks about The NFL Draft marks the introduction of ESPNDB, a sports encyclopedia-style content database powered by ESPN Stats & Information group and integrated on, ESPN Mobile, ESPN Video, ESPN Search and more, offering more than 500 pages of content. During the draft, …

Digital Hollywood Spring: Interactive Video Advertising on Mobile, Broadband and TV

“What should sites and online video distribution services do with short form video so they don’t drive users crazy? What are the emerging online ad models? And how will web properties and ad platforms introduce these new models to advertisers without confusing them with so much choice. After all, on TV there’s really only one model, the 30 second spot, that delivers a CPM and a brand lift that the …

Diggnation Gets Hyperlinked, with Videoclix

Update: after meeting with Videoclix at ad: tech this week, I got an opportunity to see firsthand how the online video distribution services works. There are a number of tracking options on the backend for brands and publishers to take advantage of and some automated options for associating ads to video content.

Hyperlinked, interactive video hasn’t been fully immersed as branding or advertising tool with larger (or small) video …

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