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It is obvious that the image is one of the elements that United has been to the world of marketing since its birth and that television has taken advantage in their favor to give added value to the message and make it more attractive and dynamic. However, this type of interactive video advertising has not always been within reach of everyone. It has been really with the emergence of the Internet when the video as a marketing tool has begun to become democratic and become a powerful tool, available to almost everyone. Favored primarily by the ease of dissemination and distribution of video on the Internet which offered by websites like Youtube.

In this way, the video marketing strategies to past to become part of the global strategies of the companies. A well-posed such strategy can be a success for the company at communicating something online and reach a greater number of people who can become actual customers.

Did you know that a user is two times more likely to buy after seeing a video tutorial on the product? Also, the video is much more likely to be shared, no it does not require any effort by the user and is easily consumed. After that an original video that calls the attention of the users can end up becoming a viral phenomenon. Thus, social networks have become the best way for the diffusion and distribution of video on the Internet.

However, there are other means through which it is possible to perform such broadcasting and which users can find you like for example Youtube. A search engine which, since its inception in 2005, has continued to grow with a reach of more than 140 million users currently, also becoming an element of vital importance to improve the positioning SEO of a website. The importance that is given by the fact that Youtube is part of Google. Therefore, to create a Youtube channel for the dissemination and distribution of video on the Internet can bring excellent results.

How to make a Video that goes Viral

Often videos that are most spontaneous go viral. Some of them are videos about cats, a little girl that talks funny while she is on medications, winner of the life-changing slot jackpot and his emotions. Let’s be honest the last one became viral cause we all want to be that guy. And you can now with the no deposit bonus from GamersCrunch that will allow you to try your luck for free in real money slot games in online casinos.

While there is no magic formula that assures us that a video will become viral if there are some rules you should keep in mind so that your efforts give its fruits.

Communication without words

To make a video to become a mass phenomenon and cross borders, it must be created so that you can understand not to mention a single word. In this way, any person from any country will be able to understand it, and you’ll have more chances to be shared.

Create something original

Instead of trying to copy what has already been successful, be risky and gives the user a value added to something that has not seen. It prevents what is known, the boring and the predictable. What’s new is much more attractive and surprising.

Think like a Hollywood producer

No matter which is your goal, the important thing is to know offer entertainment. The key is to appeal to the emotions and cause some kind of reaction that users want to share it. It is precisely in this way you get greater dissemination and distribution of video on the Internet. In the words of Roger Cusa “If you like something, you share.”

One good, two better

To close a video is as easy as a click. Therefore, you must engage the user from the first moment. If after a few seconds, can not capture the attention of the user, this will run. The best videos are intense and usually do not exceed two minutes of duration.

Find a network

If you don’t find inspiration, leverages social networks know what-we want users to know the latest trends. The key is to know how to take advantage of the notoriety of the big media waves. Now that you know how getting greater dissemination and distribution of video on the Internet and that this will become viral, you only have to implement all these tips for the success of your video marketing strategies and increase your business sales.

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