Diggnation Gets Hyperlinked, with Videoclix

Update: after meeting with Videoclix at ad: tech this week, I got an opportunity to see firsthand how the online video distribution services works. There are a number of tracking options on the backend for brands and publishers to take advantage of and some automated options for associating ads to video content.

Hyperlinked, interactive video hasn’t been fully immersed as branding or advertising tool with larger (or small) video networks just yet, but Revision3 is hoping to change all that, with a new partnership with VideoClix.tv. The Revision3 video network is launching its new clickable content with Diggnation.

VideoClix is another to emerge into the exploratory realm of hyperlinked videos for branding and advertising purposes, more similar to Overlay.tv than most of the other emergents in this field. The result of a VideoClix-enhanced clip is like PopUp Video–on a sidebar. Click on any object in the video, and you’ll see additional information to the right, which is presented in a semi-transparent sidebar. It’s within this sidebar that you can also place an ad.

Unlike Asterpix, there doesn’t yet appear to be a way to follow content within a video clip, and the process for creating sidebar content could be quite cumbersome for a brand seeking out a solution for customizing clips with the VideoClix service. What such services will eventually need to develop is a highly automated way in which content can be selected within a clip, and assigned to ads. There are a good number of developers already working on this, so the hyperlinked video will soon become a more viable option for integrating with larger video networks as an advertising solution.

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